I. Blockchain Basics

Blockchain has been described as one of the most significant technological advances in modern history, potentially on a par with the internet, leading to it being dubbed “The Internet 3.0”. Despite the incredible potential of blockchain to reshape the world as we know it, there is still little understanding of what it is, what it does and why it is so revolutionary.

The lack of understanding of the Blockchain technology is partly due to the fact that it requires a new understanding of certain terms and how the technologies are used. It is generally difficult to break down a subject like this without getting into technical jargon. Crypto Embassy is here to change that.

The objective of these courses is to allow you to understand and explain Blockchain technology to anyone, while providing the opportunity to learn more about the technology.

N.B: The content of these courses have mainly been written by LiskHQ and have been slightly modified and translated by Crypto Embassy


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