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Crypto Embassy makes a breakthrough in the Blockchain world, guiding new comers to collaborate and learn together with end-to-end blockchain educational courses.

Our team

We are two bilingual French/English brothers living in France (Brest), trying to put Crypto on the front stage. We recently bought a whole first floor, where we have been hosting crypto conferences, helping companies to use Blockchain technologies and provide to our clients a possibility to buy, sell, transfer online and store cryptocurrencies while providing new tools for crypto users.

Benjamin FAVRE

Full stack developer

As an entrepreneur who has created my own web compagny 10 years ago, I solve other peoples problems.

I studied electronics and game theory during my education, which makes me very aware of the impact cryptocurrencies will have in the future. I am now aiming my company to a more blockchain focus.

Jordan FAVRE


After graduating from my engineering school, I decided to go full crypto!

My aim is to provide cryptographic technical solutions focused on Blockchain and the world around it. In the last couple of years we have been helping companies, schools and private investors achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions.


We have been in OpenSource web dev for more than 10 years, and have a few full Stack dev’s in house transitioning from client work to Lisk work in order to bring to you some great new tools.

Go full crypto

We already have one of our founders working full time on course material, partnerships, brand recognition and organising our move from a small office, into a brick and mortar crypto shop.

Work Shops

We have open partnerships with engineering school and are currently in contact with different business schools. We will be proposing solutions down the road in order to facilitate students work thanks to various workshops or projects when we deem this is appropriate.

Lisk Ambassador

In 2018, we were named Ambassadors by LiskHQ (First and only to represent FRANCE). The role of the ambassador is to represent the 'brand' in a positive way by helping the community and raising awareness of LSK.


Through our web dev company we often attend Javascript meetups and have been invited to talk about blockchain in the past. We subsequently launched a meetup group dedicated to blockchain talks and have been able to grow this group significantly to the point that companies and organisations have asked us to attend and talk at theirs. We have been excited at the potential of an open source javascript ecosystem of self defining chains that Lisk will help us create thanks to the appropriate tools and use of distributed ledger technologies.


We have been organising crypto meet-ups since 2017

Influential speakers

We have invited special guest to our meet-ups like Mr Väino OLEV, former CIO of Tallinn. He came to talk about X-Road, Estonia’s Internet backbone. It allows an ever-increasing number of public and private services in the country to interconnect themselves in order to exchange their data, making life easier for citizens.

Participant Ratings

Discover our Meet-up groupe based in Britany (Brest) – Brest BlockTech




Adress: 5 place de la liberté, 29200 Brest, FRANCE
MON-FRI 10:00 - 18:00


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