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What is TradingView ?

TradingView is one of the leading browser-based chartism platforms.

Easy and intuitive for beginners, and powerful enough for advanced chartists – TradingView has all the graphic tools you need to share and visualize trading ideas.

With a wide range of customization options available to users and a seamless mapping experience, TradingView is an industry leader. In addition, TradingView is also a social platform for traders. This gives you the opportunity to participate in discussions, follow traders and many other community-oriented content.

Get real-time information and market insights

Although some brokerage companies/banks provide their own charting software, it is often clumsy, difficult to use and extremely limited in its customization options. For this reason, Tradingview strives to meet the needs of the community by providing real-time data. The graphical display allows you to search from anywhere, since there is no complex installation or configuration. Victim of its success, TradingView is today the largest chartism platform and is essential for any good trader.

Simply open TradingView on any modern browser and start charting, learning and sharing trading ideas!

Publish trading ideas and get better at trading

  • Get better at trading and investing by seeing what others are doing.
  • Browse published ideas and click Play to see how historical forecasts actually played out.
  • Publish trading ideas to your TradingView profile and push them out to Twitter, your blog, or any other place on the web. Start making your name in the trading community!
  • Discover for each trading pair (ex: BTC/USD), a simplified analysis of the current market trend

Create a TradingView account

To create an account, simply follow this link and click on “join for free” in the upper right corner. Just follow the instructions and that’s it, you’re done! You have successfully created a free account with TradingView.

The free account gives you access to the following features:

  • Access to the charts.
  • 3 indicators per chart.
  • 1 saved chart layout.
  • 1 indicator template.
  • 1 enhanced watchlist.

Overview of Charts

In the image below, you will find the main sections of the TradingView platform. 

  1. This is the top toolbar where you can find things like time frames, indicators, layouts etc.
  2. This left side will be your most used section on TradingView. It houses all the tools you can place on your chart.
  3. This is the main chart area where you’ll be applying all your indicators and tools.
  4. Here you can find your currency pairs and watch lists, as well as some handy tools such as alerts, an economic calendar, and some social tools.
  5. The bottom toolbar is mostly used for notes and testing. It is also where you go to connect your broker account with TradingView, enabling you to enter trades straight from TradingView (if your broker allows this).

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