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Crypto Embassy makes a breakthrough in the Blockchain world, guiding new commers to collaborate and learn together with end-to-end blockchain educational courses.

Our interest for Lisk

Our mission: By participating in Lisk and continuing our teaching endeavors, we believe that we can contribute to help try and shift the perception of cryptocurrencies online and in our local area towards a more « Professional » mindset. There is less awareness concerning the reality of crypto (development tool, not only financial speculation) in the E.U. and specifically in France.

Our Situation: We have been and still are the devs behind Byzantine™ which is now a trusted partner of various established work groups and companies focused on developing the core technology of blockchain solutions and maintaining high security standards for distributed system. From now on we will be separating our services between Byzantine and crypto_embassy as they will be providing different services in the future.

Our Vision: We hope to bring Lisk and Cryptocurrencies to a much larger scale by continuing our meetups, workshops and consultancy. Additionally, we have ties with various groups and companies conducting ICO’s on the Lisk® platform. We have many ideas that you can read below on how we will push Lisk to become a standard.

We have been named lisk Ambassadors in 2018 by LiskHQ (First and only in France).


We have been in OpenSource web dev for more than 10 years, and have a few full Stack dev’s in house transitioning from client work to Lisk work in order to bring to you some great new tools.

Go full crypto

We already have one of our founders working full time on course material, partnerships, brand recognition and organising our move from a small office, into a brick and mortar crypto shop.

Participating in a European-Union project (H2020)

We have been working with a group of Experts on a proposal for h2020 ("response pending"). Repositioning Energy Efficiency with today’s challenges to make EE audible and attractive again. Our "Byzantine" venture led by our initiatives as Crypto_Embassy is now intervening as the Blockchain consulting partner in our Consortium and have naturally considered and been pushing for solutions using Lisk sidechains and growing the Lisk eco-system in general.

Work Shops

We have open partnerships with engineering school and are currently in contact with different business schools. We will be proposing solutions down the road in order to facilitate students work thanks to various Lisk workshops or projects when we deem this is appropriate.


In 2018, we were named Ambassadors by LiskHQ (First and only to represent FRANCE). The role of the ambassador is to represent the 'brand' in a positive way by helping the community and raising awareness of LSK.


Through our web dev company we often attend Javascript meetups and have been invited to talk about blockchain in the past. We subsequently launched a meetup group dedicated to blockchain talks and have been able to grow this group significantly to the point that companies and organisations have asked us to attend and talk at theirs. We have been excited at the potential of an open source javascript ecosystem of self defining chains that Lisk will help us create thanks to the appropriate tools and use of distributed ledger technologies.


Our team has a wealth of experience in developing, maintaining & securing mission-critical applications from DDOS and other attacks.

Dedicated, bare metal servers : Intel Xeon E5-1650v3 | 6c/12t - 3,5GHz /3,8GHz | 64Go DDR4 ECC 2133MHz
1 Primary + 1 standby + external monitoring with automatic load balancing
Network Availability: 99.95%
500 Mbps Bandwith, Unmeatered, 1Gbps burst (per server)
4 TBPS Anti-DDoS Capacity (Datacenter switch level)

Our plan as a Delegate

Here is a list of projects and ideas that we will be pushing as a delegate. Being in forging position will help us accelerate and concretise the process.

Academic sidechain

Thanks to our partnerships with different schools, we would like to develop an Academic sidechain where each school would be a node of the network. Students will be able to develop their own sidechain and each node (i.e. school) will be rewarded by the work of its students. This provides an incentive for schools to be part of the network and develop tools for the Lisk community.

Hosting events

As our Meetup group is growing every day and being asked to talk at other Meetups that we do not organise, we think there is a real need for French people to know more about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our aim is to create a big event « Consensus like » in France. This would be a great occasion for French leading industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, ….to share their vision of blockchain and digital currency economy.

Easy access to Crypto in France/Europe

We are currently building our own Crypto ATM that will have a Bitcoin and Lisk Fiat gateway. On top of that we are negotiating with bars and restaurants to upgrade their checkout process to accept cryptocurrencies. Our goal will then be to distribute our ATMs throughout France (country with the least crypto ATM) and convince a maximum of merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as an alternative with a pre-packaged tool.

Start-up incubator

Being one of the first actors in Brittany enables us to have an impact on our entrepreneurial environment. Therefore, we are attempting (in discussions) to open a 3000 square meter start-up incubator with major financial and state backed companies. Our role would be in finding and accelerating crypto startups and act as technical and commercial consultants. This would be a major opportunity to help push the crypto industry in Brittany and in general.

Community fund

If and when we get to a forging position we aim to create a community fund. Our aim is to help young and innovative projects as many startups lack resources. In a second phase, we will try and automate/open the decision process for fund allocation, making it as decentralised as possible.

The big picture

  • Create one of the biggest French Lisk Hackathons
  • In cooperation with our town/region, we are collaborating on the creation of tools making the most of the available open-data initiatives, to improve costs and efficiencies.
  • Sponsor events and concerts in our vicinity, develop a ticketing app.
  • Take part in a hot air balloon festival with a giant Lisk balloon.

Our contributions for Lisk


Conference – 20 June
Conference on Blockchain hosted by Jordan from crypto_embassy ! This conference was part of a University diploma for the attendees.

Marketing – 17 April
Went to Paris to represent @LiskHQ at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit PBWS for 2 days ! This is what being a lisk ambassador is all about, talking to investors and developers about lisk sidechains !

Meetup – 20 March
Blockchain is considered by many to be a technological breakthrough of the same importance as the arrival of the Internet. However, even if several uses are now in production, there are still many steps to go before blockchains and decentralized applications profoundly reshape our digital uses. This is the first developer oriented meet-up to discover what LISK JavaScript provides to the ecosystem

Conference – 13 December 2018
We co-organised a “conference” with local authorities and a big French bank with Mr Väino OLEV Head computer scientist from Tallinn We discussed X-Road (Estonia digital identity and exchange system) Pub/Priv key infrastructure that functions without concern for historical data storage This was a very interesting discussion on the realities of a “crypto/PKI system” in production for many years

Conference – 09 November 2018
Talking about Blockchain in general at a hybrid engineering/business school !! About 60 people attended our talk (teachers, tutors and students)

Announcement – 29 October 2018
We have been named Lisk Ambassadors from LiskHQ. We are the first and only to represent FRANCE !!

Public speaker – 18 October 2018
We have been invited to talk about Blockchain with “corporate institution”. One of the biggest banks in France was there to here how Blockchain and Lisk will change things. The biggest revolution since the Internet ? What are the impacts and opportunities for your company ?

Meetup – 28 March 2018
Crypto_Embassy provides services on Blockchain issues for companies, schools and institutions. Benjamin and Jordan, the founders, are also Lisk ambassadors in France. For several years, blockchain and cryptos have been their daily business. They will present to us the importance of Blockchain and the use of a JavaScript Blockchain LISK !

Conference – 19 February 2018
3 day of conferences on Blockchain technologie to an Engineering school in Brest (France). (What is value, how did this all started, what is Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, use cases …) This was the perfect time to educate near 200 students and teachers on the power of Blockchain. Lisk Blockchain was obviously mentioned several times during our talk.


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